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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Kelowna Community Concert Association (KCCA)



What is the KCCA?


The KCCA is a non-profit organization, run entirely by volunteers, which presents five top-notch concerts in Kelowna every year, typically between September and May. 


Our website,, provides up-to-date information about upcoming performances. 


You can also visit us at


What sorts of concerts do you present?


We pride ourselves on putting together an annual lineup of performances that is varied in scope, but of uniformly high calibre. In any given year, you will enjoy a vibrant and eclectic program, with a broad range of musical genres — plus typically something else altogether, be it ballet, acrobatics, or musical theatre.




Attending KCCA Concerts



Where are the concerts held?  


Beginning in the 2023-2024 concert season, our performances are held at Evangel Church, 3261 Gordon Drive (near KLO Road). There’s lots of free parking, right at the door! 



What time do the concerts start?  


Most of the concerts in 2023-2024 will be performed as Saturday matinées at 2:00 p.m. One will be held on a Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. Doors open one hour before performance time.



Can I reserve specific seats?  


We have no seat selection option, which means that you may sit wherever you like, with family and friends. We do, however, have special seating to accommodate people with mobility needs; please just contact us in advance so that we can make the appropriate arrangements. 




Buying a Pass for KCCA Concerts



How much does a season pass cost? 


The cost for the 2023-2024 season is $120 per adult. However, for people purchasing a pass before May 31, 2023, we offer a special early-bird price of $100. That’s the same incredibly low cost as last season’s price!


We also offer special pricing for younger audience members — $30 for a child in Grade 12 or under, and $60 for post-secondary students.



How do I obtain a pass to attend KCCA concerts?


Just e-mail us with your contact information. Once we confirm that a space is still available for you, you may choose from the following payment options:


  • cheque mailed to KCCA, Box 21083, Orchard Park Mall, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 9N8 

  • cash


Remember always to include your contact information. 


Sorry, we do not accept credit cards at this time.



Do you ever sell out of season passes?  


Yes, pass sales can reach full capacity. In 2023-2024, however, we are moving to a larger venue; we hope this will allow more local residents to enjoy the KCCA’s events.  


If we should wind up selling out, even with the larger venue, we would once again start a wait list. We would notify people on the list, if and when a spot became available. 



I am currently a season-pass holder.  How do I renew?  


In the spring, you will automatically receive in the mail a re-enrollment form and a brochure about the upcoming season. Simply fill it out and submit your payment to secure your spot! 


If you do so before May 31, you will benefit from our special early-bird pricing!



How do I pick up my season pass?  


No need!  We will mail you your season pass in August, one month before the first concert. 




Information on Partial Seasons



Can I select and pay for individual concerts?  


No, unfortunately we do not sell single-event passes. 


Our subscription-based model gives us the stable, upfront revenues we need in order to assemble and deliver a balanced, varied and innovative five-concert program lineup, at an incredibly affordable price. 


This special model, unique in Kelowna, has enabled us to sell out our season year after year, for more than half a century. 


Well, that — plus the hard work of our many volunteers. And they, by the way, pay the same admission price as everyone else.



I just moved here and the concert season is already underway.  What should I do?


If you are joining us after the start of the season, and if we still have space, we may be able to offer you a pro-rated price for the remaining concerts of the season. 


The advantage of obtaining at least a partial season pass is that you will be in line to receive our spring information and re-enrollment package for the following year.



What if I can’t attend a performance?  


If you know you’re going to be out of town, or otherwise unable to make one of our concerts, we encourage you to “pass the pass”! Simply arrange to lend your pass to a friend or colleague. And, unless you’re lending your pass for the final concert of the season, make sure you get it back again afterwards!


If you can’t find someone to enjoy the concert in your place, please e-mail us. We maintain a waiting list if our season is sold out, and can often offer an unused pass to someone on the list. 


This is great news for the lucky recipient of your pass. It also brings in a bit of extra revenue for KCCA. And inviting newcomers to our performances is a great form of advertising!



I have a guest coming from out of town on a concert night. Is there any way to invite her along to this one event?


If you have other local friends who are KCCA pass holders, but who are unable to attend that night, your guest is certainly welcome to borrow their pass.


On occasion, pass holders advise us in advance if they will be unable to use their pass for a given concert. In that case, we are able resell their spots for a reasonable fee. Contact us if this situation might work for you.




KCCA Membership



I used to have an annual membership in the KCCA; what happened to that?


When you buy a season pass, you automatically become a member for that year of the KCCA, a non-profit society registered in British Columbia. This entitles you to attend the five concerts in the season in which you have become a member. 


As a member of the society, you are also entitled to attend and vote at our annual general meeting, and to stand for election to our board of directors.




Gifts, Donations and Volunteering



Do you sell gift certificates?  


Yes, we have gift certificates for sale year-round. They’re a great idea for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day and anniversaries.  Please e-mail us for details.



Do you accept donations to the KCCA?  


Yes, and thank you for supporting the arts in Kelowna. 


Every year, the KCCA in turn donates two $500 scholarships to students of the Kelowna Community Music School. For further information, please contact us.



Can I volunteer for the KCCA?


The KCCA relies entirely on volunteers, who do everything from planning and promoting each concert season, to bringing it all to the stage in Kelowna. We get no outside funding from anyone — government or private-sector sponsors.


In other words, we always need fresh and energetic volunteers. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us and tell us what interests you have, and skills you could share.


Please note that all volunteers pay for their own season passes.

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